Helpful Electrical Tips

Reducing our energy costs and helping the environment are very valid goals that we can all work towards achieving. Minor changes, which can be low or no-cost and can positively impact our wallets and the environment, are easy to make and easy to continue.

Some of these minor changes include:

  • Turning off the lights and the unused equipment: when things are not in use, they should be turned off. If not, we are paying for wasted energy.
  • Replacing older lights: older lights often do not work as well as they used to and instead can actually hurt your pocket by adding costs in power usage and maintenance. A re-lamping program might be the answer for organizations looking to save money since the lights are replaced whenever they are not working at their peak.
  • Turning off computer monitors and replacing CRT monitors with LCD monitors: when not in use, the computer monitors should be turned off. This saves on energy costs as well as do newer LCD monitors which are more energy and cost-effective.
  • Shopping around for the most cost and energy-effective product: Taking a little time to do this at the beginning will go a long way towards saving on energy costs in the long run.
  • Choose signs with LED lighting: LED Lighting will save on maintenance and energy costs. The savings can be as high as 90 percent higher than with incandescent lighting.
  • Use weather stripping and caulking to correct any leaks: You can do this yourself and save money both on the work and on energy costs while controlling the ventilation inside your space.

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